Cultists Kills Policeman And Neighbour  In Ikorodu,Lagos

A Police officer with Sagamu Road Division, Ikorodu, Lagos, Saheed Osiefa, was shot dead and his neighbor a civilian has been hospitalized following gunshots received from a group of cultists. The incident occurred behind Benson bus-stop at about 3 pm on Tuesday.

The Sergeant met his untimely death after responding to a distress call by his neighbor, unknown to them, they were attacked by some cultists. It was reported that the neighbor, a businessman gave out a commercial motorcycle on hire purchase to a rider thinking that this will yield a good profit at the end of the day, unknown to him that the rider was a cultist.

He was said to have defaulted for two weeks and after several warnings, the neighbor sought advice from the Sergeant and was asked to be on the lookout for him. As luck will have it, he was sighted around Benson bus-stop using the commercial motorcycle for commercial activities and this angered the businessman who tried to seize the motorcycle but the rider struggled with him and this almost resulted in a scuffle.

Immediately, the neighbor alerted Saheed who was rounding off the day’s shift at that time and was in the station to submit his tools, so, he requested that the matter be officially handled by reporting it at the station but due to persistent calls from the neighbor, he left what he was doing and headed for Benson bus-stop but before his arrival, the rider had gained upper hand after mobilized his group members to free him and the motorcycle.

On arrival, the Sergeant and his friend combed everywhere in search for the suspects all to no avail but on their way to the station, they ran into the cultists and before they knew what was happening, one of them known as Adamu fired some shots at both friends and Saheed died on the spot while the neighbour sustained gunshots and is being hospitalized.

Cultists Kills Policeman And Neighbour In Ikorodu,Lagos

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