Lagos Lottery Seeks Support To End Underage Gaming

The Lagos State Lotteries Board has warned operators not to allow underage children near their betting centres in Lagos, as anyone caught may be suspended, fined or lose their operating license.

The General Manager of the board, Seun Anibaba, on Wednesday, said a monitoring team had been mandated to visit gaming centres across the state, urging residents to support the board to achieve responsible gaming in Lagos.

He noted that heavy sanctions awaited operators and agents who permitted minors below the age of 18 to place bet or gamble in any centre.

Anibaba said, “Inasmuch as we are promoting and protecting our regulators, we want people to game responsibly. And part of that is preventing underage from gaming.

“We try to achieve this when our operators apply for their licence. At the application stage, we ensure they submit a detailed responsible gaming policy. Their websites must have the 18+ sign, which must be conspicuous.

“Aside from this, when anybody is registering on their platform, he is expected to input his age. Once he is under 18, he is blocked from proceeding. And if an underage games and wins, he won’t be able to claim his winnings because he has breached the rule.”

He noted that operators were prevented from placing adverts near a school environment or amusement parks, adding that the use of cartoons which could lure minors was also forbidden.

Anibaba said operators who breached the responsible gaming rule risked losing their licence or getting fined, depending on the gravity of the offence.

Lagos Lottery Seeks Support To End Underage Gaming

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