Lagos reduces penal fee on planning permit by 50 percent

The Lagos State Government has announced the reduction of the penal fee on Planning Permit from 400 per cent to 200 per cent as a post-amnesty enhancement.

General Manager, Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA), Funmi Osifuye, in a release issued on Thursday, said Governor Akinwunmi Ambode granted the approval for the reduction covering the period between January – December 2019 in order to consolidate on the gains of the previous year amnesty period in respect of the grant of Planning Permit.

According to him, under the Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning Law 2010, obtaining Planning Permit is a must for any physical development in the state irrespective of the landowner to ensure that structures were built in the right way and place, as well as to balance development and ensure that such development and growth were environmentally sustainable.

He further disclosed that an applicant was required to pay a Penal Fee for commencing development on site prior to obtaining Planning Permit, adding that the fees were not arbitrary but based on standard rates and vary with the size (volume) of the proposed development.

Osifuye also enjoined district officers to inform all staff of the new development and comply accordingly, while urging members of the public /developers to reciprocate the kind gesture of the Lagos State Government through voluntary compliance by submitting “AS-Built” applications for the processing of Planning Permit in their various communities in the State.

Lagos reduces penal fee on planning permit by 50 percent

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