LASG Seeks Residents’ Participation In The Enforcement Of Road Traffic Law

The Lagos State Government has urged its citizenry not to see the enforcement of the road traffic law as a punitive measure but rather support the move as partners in progress.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation, Dr. Taiwo Olufemi Salaam, who made the appeal while speaking on Lagos Road Traffic Law at his office in Alausa, opined that since the citizens are the beneficiaries of the law, its administration and obedience should be of topmost concern to all, stressing that continual feedback from motorists is essential towards having gridlock-free traffic in the state.

Dr. Salaam explained that the 2012 traffic law of the state which was harmonized in 2018 is still in existence and that the Ministry is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the obedience of all laws relating to the transport sector in addition to coordinating the plans, programmes and policies of the state government on traffic matters but can be better managed with the buy-in of the citizens.

He observed further that the provisions of the Lagos State Road Traffic Law of 2018, has been and is still being flagrantly disobeyed with impunity by all and sundry which necessitated the latest round of enforcement on-going in the state in recent time.

The Permanent Secretary reiterated that the citizens’ role in traffic management can only be felt when they obey the Traffic Laws while also being the whistleblowers of offenders and violators of such relevant laws through various media, especially the social media.

Salaam further noted that traffic offenders now have the option of not being penalized at the point of offence especially when in doubt, but rather proceed to a competent court of law to argue their case.

He, thereafter, urged all residents in the state, with whom he has sought participation to obey the provisions of the 2018 Lagos State Road Traffic Law, which is still in force, adding that penalties attached with the law can be completely avoided through strict

LASG Seeks Residents’ Participation In The Enforcement Of Road Traffic Law

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