LASU: 32,000 certificates ready for collection

By Aderele Ijelu

IBILE.TV NEWS – The Lagos State University (LASU) has begun issuing backlog of certificates to its graduates.

Over 100 graduates showed up Monday to collect their certificates at the university’s main auditorium where the certificate unit of the Registry has set up shop until January 1, 2019.

The Principal Assistant Registrar/Head, Certificate Unit, Mr Olabode Akinrimade, said in a statement by the university’s centre for information, press and public relations (CIPPR) that 32,522 certificates were ready for collection by those who could prove they had attended the university.

Even if they cannot present the requisite document, Akinrimade said the university had measures to help identify the graduates

LASU: 32,000 certificates ready for collection

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