Minister: Lagos governorship needs experienced person

Mr Babatunde Fashola, the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, has said that there is no room for experimentation in Lagos State and so needs someone who is experienced to govern the state.

Fashola dropped the hint at a radio programme monitored by newsmen.

He said the enormity and complexity of the state do not allow for it to be superintended by an inexperienced person.

He said that for a state with a population of over 20 million people, only a tested and trusted person should be given the mandate to govern it.

He debunked the assertion that the state was in bondage.

He said, “Lagosians are not in any way in bondage. I cannot fathom where anybody got the notion that Lagosians are in bondage.”

He was quick to point out that what the people of the state needed now is a tested and trusted person.

The minister said the state was not a place for anybody to come and play but to settle down to serious business.

He was quick to add, that during his tenure as governor, he hardly slept for more than three hours in a day.

Fashola also used the opportunity of the interview to assure the residents of Ibafo and Mowe in Ogun State, that in the not too distant future, they would begin to enjoy power supply, noting that they were not connected to the national grid for over 10 years now.

He advised that anybody who has left government to endeavour to take the back seat instead of meddling in affairs that are not in his domain.

Minister: Lagos governorship needs experienced person

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