No conflict between Yoruba, Igbo in Lagos – Ohanaeze

The chairman of the Lagos State chapter of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Solomon Ogbonna, has debunked reports of a crisis between by the Igbo and Yoruba communities in the state.

Speaking during a press conference at the organisation’s official secretariat in Surulere, Ogbonna said despite the violence that occurred during last Saturday’s presidential election in some areas dominated by non-indigenes, it was not a case of a feud between Igbo and Yoruba.

He said the leadership of Ohanaeze is working with Igbo leaders within and outside Lagos to ensure that both ethnic groups continue living in peace.

“Our interest is in the welfare and peaceful co-existence between the Igbo and Yoruba. There is no Igbo family that has no relation in Lagos. This is our home and the Yoruba are our friends. It is unfortunate that if there is tension between a Calabar man and Yoruba man, the news that will get out is that the crisis is between the Igbo and Yoruba.

“This has been going on for long and we want to put an end to it. We want to say unequivocally that there is no issue between Igbo and Yoruba in Lagos.

“We got reports of violence that erupted in some parts of Lagos during the presidential election, but after our investigation, we realised that there was no truth to the reports that Igbo and Yoruba are in crisis.

“Election crisis happened all over the country and no one attributes it to a crisis between two ethnic groups. It is our duty to ensure that tension is not escalated. Ohanaeze is the umbrella body of all the Igbo groups and organisations in Nigeria and the diaspora. So if there is any Igbo person that has any issues, they should contact the official secretariat in Surulere,” Ogbonna said.

On the issue of the authentic leadership of Ohanaeze in Lagos, Ogbonna said the national leadership of Ohanaeze conducted elections in Lagos where he emerged as the organisation’s chairman in the state.

No conflict between Yoruba, Igbo in Lagos – Ohanaeze

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