People Are Not Aware, We Intend To Make Repayment-Ikeja Electric

The Ikeja Electric (IE) intend to design proposal to refund its customers for the pre-paid meters which is been procured under the  Meter Assets Provider (MAP) scheme.

The head of corporate communications ,IE, Felix Ofulue,made this known to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ikeja on Tuesday.

The head said that the proposal is subjected to the approval of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commision (NERC). It was reported that a customer under this network currently paid N39,765.86 for a single-phase meter and N72,085.68 (VAT inclusive) for a three-phase meter.

Ofulue said the refund would either be in discounted tariffs or release of energy usage to cover the amount over a period of time upon approval by NERC.

He also added: “People are not aware that we intend to make this repayment and  lot of things are put into considerations.
“The current tariff we have now is actually not cost-reflective but once we agree on a semi-cost reflective tariff, then we are going to discount the tariff for our customers so that they can enjoy the benefit of the scheme.”

Ofulue reiterated that IE currently had enough meters to meet its customers’ demand after the shortage that occurred between August and September 2019. “During that period, there was an increase of about 35 per cent in import duty and our meters were stuck at the port but that had been addressed.

People Are Not Aware, We Intend To Make Repayment-Ikeja Electric

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